Because every product is different

We offer a wide scope of services catered to the changing circumstances that challenge the clients we serve. These are a few of them.

Product Design
& Development

  • Technology and Concept Evaluation
  • Rapid Prototyping & Fabrication

  • Definition of User Needs and Product Specifications

  • Program Management

Equipment Design & Process Development

  • Process Development & Validation

  • Equipment Design & Qualification

  • Critical Process Solutions

  • Design for Lean Manufacturing

Design Verification & Validation Services

  • Product Characterization

  • Material Analysis & Testing

  • Computer Simulations

  • Benchtop Testing & Clinical Trials

& Manufacturing

  • Post-Market Design Change

  • OEM Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Development & Cost Analysis

  • Sustaining Engineering

Find Out What Services Fit Your Needs!

As a part of MEC, a group focused on strengthening the life science industry, under global influencer Dynamix International Group (D.I.G.), we are able to identify opportunities on a global scale.

Our relationships strengthen our ability to provide solutions otherwise unavailable to our clients when embarking on a life sciences development project. The advantage of being a nimble development firm with global resources and international reach allows us to create, develop, prototype and validate products while keeping in mind the various markets and consumers they will ultimately serve.


Our purpose is to help patients, healthcare companies, clinicians, and investors with cultivating the cutting-edge technologies, creative products, and life-changing solutions.

Our number 1 goal is to improve patient well being by spending every day advancing the standards of healthcare technology.

End to End Solutions

Our experience, creativity, and global network positions MEC Innovations as the perfect solution for your next product development project.

Let us help you bring your idea into reality!